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    Hardest Profession: Ballet or Football?



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    Hardest Profession: Ballet or Football?

    Post by mumstacy2 on Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:35 pm

    Hi All,

    Recently I have given birth to twins, one girl (Naomi) and one boy (Mark).
    The other day I was having a discussion with my husband (a football enthusiast) about future professions as he has a friend whose son has recently gained a place in the West Ham United Development Squad. This is a great achievement for his goal of becoming a professional football player.
    My niece is a very technically strong and beautiful dancer, which is not only a bias comment made by her family members but also her dance teacher. She is successful in terms of competitions and festivals but has unfortunately not been able to gain a place in any top ballet schools within this year’s round of auditions.
    They are both highly skilled at their hobbies but one was not as victorious as the other.

    This led my husband and I to question if some careers are harder to climb the ladder to becoming a professional than others.

    Would it be harder for my daughter to become a dancer than it would be for my son to become a footballer? Neutral

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